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Achievements (Excerpts)

[USB Control] ARGB LED Light System

Period January 2018 – present

A system for controlling ARGB LED (addressable full-color LED) tapes and LED matrices such as WS2812B from Windows and other devices.

The system can also be used from Unity, Unreal, etc., and operates at high speed and stability at 60 fps. The system has also been adopted by arcade game machine manufacturers for their sound games.

We are designing the hardware from draft to prototype and developing the software up to mass production.

Development of Gait Analysis Middleware Using Pressure Sensors

Period June 2021 – July 2021

Developed middleware to analyze the center of gravity, stride length, and gait habits of a pedestrian by analyzing the output of a new type of pressure sensor at a national research institute. In July 2021, the device applying this software was exhibited at an exhibition organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Produced image analysis software by full scratch when OpenCV could not be used in the past. This experience helped us to respond in the short term.

Also analyzed the new pressure sensor (DLL) with permission, as there was a lack of documentation on it.

【Windows10 IoT】 Making Windows Hardy

Period January 2017 – present

Have developed specialized configuration tasks and tools for the 24-hour unattended operation of Windows 10, like a games machine or a vending machine.
For example…

  • To prevent the file system from being corrupted even if the power supply is suddenly unplugged.

  • To ensure that updates and dialogs do not occur on their own.

  • Automatic Windows activation during mass production

  • Ignore keyboards and other devices plugged into the USB port.

  • Encrypts and installs applications (copy protection)

  • Update and maintenance functions.

  • Design and development of security devices such as USB dongles (which must be inserted to boot).

【Winner of the Toy of the Year Award】
Electronic Toy with Wireless LAN Network Design – Implementation

Period 2012 – 2014
  • Project objective
    To realize a new way of playing with toys and arcade game machines through bidirectional communication using a wireless LAN.

  • Structure/Number of People
    Regarding the communication system, 1 hardware person, and 1 software person were me. (There seemed to be a lot of people in the game development itself)

  • My Position/Role
    Conception, design, implementation, and testing of the communication system.
    Providing operational DLLs and sample programs to the game production side.

  • Challenges in Achieving the Objectives
    The challenge was to devise a robust connection and data transfer method, even with limited equipment and a poor installation environment.
    • The electronic toy side has a small amount of RAM and only supports UDP with 11.b/g.
    • The game console (Windows) side could be crowded with players, who were an obstacle to radio interference.
    • Multiple game consoles were deployed in the same location (beyond the number of channels of the wireless LAN) and the toy had to be able to communicate with approximately any of the consoles.
    • The location of the game machines could not be chosen, so there was a risk of interference from other business WLANs.
    • There was a risk of microwave ovens interfering with the wireless LAN if the installation location was close to a food court.
    • Basic protocols such as DHCP were also unstable due to the unstable wireless LAN.
    • The wireless LAN parent unit was installed in a game machine, but it was necessary to automate the setup of the parent unit during mass production at the factory.

  • What We Did to Tackle the Issues
    • Prepared many wireless LAN parent units and created and studied the conditions of wireless LAN interference.
    • Studied the interference in the 2.4GHz band (11.b/g) caused by microwave ovens.
    • Developed a robust network structure and protocol using UDP and were able to construct a system that can be mass-produced and operate stably in the field.
    • Business Outcomes
      Achieved Inter-device communication without any restrictions on the installation location or the number of players.
      The unit won the 2012 Toy Award.

    Encoder, Decoder, and Issuing system for New 2D Symbols

    Period January 2009 – present

    Created an Encoder, decoder, and publishing system for new 2D symbols at the request of a major publisher.
    The system uses Adobe Illustrator scripts to enable automatic, high-volume publishing.
    Also developed a decoder (image recognition) for environments with poor shooting conditions.
    The basic specifications were provided by the customer, and we developed the detailed specifications and implementation.
    It is probably available in large quantities in the world.




    【Now in Full Operation】Development of Many Built-In Devices for Arcade Game Machines.

    Period July 1999 – present

    Develop systems for devices built into arcade game machines.

    Examples of built-in devices handled include:

    • IO boards
    • Mechatronic controls
    • Coin and banknote identifiers
    • LEDs, etc. Decorations
    • USB cameras and image recognition etc.
    • QR and other code readers
    • RFID readers

    Have designed and implemented software for devices built into game consoles, and created sample software for use by higher-ups in C++ and Unity.

    Also offer mass production support, including the development of software to absorb mechanical behavior with manufacturing variations.
    Debugging is also available, including the collection and analysis of recordings and error logs, and the automation of reproduction.

    All these products have been featured in various media and have been placed in the games section of shopping malls and other places, where they have been well received.



    【IoT Customer Management System】
    Customer Management System for Game Center

    Period January 1999 – present

    Took charge of the design, development, and maintenance of a customer management system for a game center. We developed the basic part of the system, and the subcontractor continued the development.

    We are proud that our system that automatically awards points to members using a “card reader unit and sales monitoring board” retrofitted to a medal machine has been a driving force in IoT since 1999.



    【Mechatronics and Video Game】
    Arcade Game Machine Software Development

    Period April 1993 – present

    Since my previous job, I have been the main programmer for game machines and other equipment installed in game arcades and daycare facilities for the elderly.

    • Purikura etc. Making Club series (including sub-PG)
    • UFO Catcher, etc. 3 crane game machines
    • Rehabilitation game machines for the elderly
    • Developing various types of machines.

    In addition to software for prototyping and mass production, we also develop various types of software to improve factory productivity.


    【Adopted by a Major Amusement Park】
    Electronic Toy with Infrared Communication

    Period 2017 – 2018
    • Outline:
      Developed software for a neck-mounted toy that acts at a designated location in an amusement park in an environment where radio waves cannot be used, and for a fixed device and a transmitter terminal carried by the crew that sends data to the toy via infrared light.

    • Problem Solved:
      No tampering with a home appliance remote control, etc.
      Considering the effects of outdoor sunlight, we devised a robust transmission method and transmission format.

    • Business Outcome
      Meeting the customer’s requirements, the product was produced in large quantities.