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About Us

We help our customers’ businesses with IT and hardware.

We help you to solve your problems with software and, if necessary, hardware, i.e. electronics, sensors, and mechanical devices.

Why Are We Chosen?

Because we think about your needs together.

Our mission is to help you improve your business. That’s why we don’t just do what you tell us to do, we work together with you to create and implement a better plan.

Our Services


Organizing Your Issues

Tell us about your challenges. 
We will work with you to sort out your issues and come up with a solution.



Creating a System of Work

We work from various angles, both in terms of IT solutions and in creating work mechanisms.



Developing the seeds of learning through the way software is conceived and created.



We can help you solve your problems with software for Windows, Linux, smartphones, and microcontrollers.



Devices such as sensors, electronic boards, and mechanical mechanisms can also be handled.


Cyber security
We can also provide security advice.
Information processing security advisor Registration No. 022876


Customers’ Voices


What are our areas of expertise?
Firmware development is our forte. In combination with electronic circuit design, we have responded to customer requirements with ideas and feasibility.




Nong software Origin

From Mobile Suit Gundam’s Geong. An old friend of mine has been a nickname namer since childhood and gave me Miz Nong. From there it became Nong. I like it very much.